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Kamini Bay Asset Management is a Philadelphia-based, principal buyer of non-performing residential whole loans from financial institutions across the United States. We typically work with Chief Credit or Asset Recovery Officers to help maximize recovery on nonaccrual assets and we work respectfully with the borrowers to preserve their rights and our sellers’ reputations.

We know what it means to be trusted trading partners and have the internal processes and financial backing to consistently perform. We work together with our sellers to maintain a focus on what’s important to them in their loan sale process. We complete due diligence quickly and cleanly and are transparent with our pricing model.

Sellers appreciate having a long-term partner they can rely on when they want to sell quickly and with confidence.

Approach & Processes

Our Approach
A Few Words About How We Operate
  • We are experienced principal buyers and are in this for the long term.
  • We look for direct relationships with banks and other funds, where we can establish long term connections and trade with each other over and over.
  • We buy across the non-performing residential mortgage risk levels, from high quality to unsecured.
  • We work respectfully with the borrowers, looking for win-win solutions that can keep them in their homes.
Our Processes
Acquisition Expertise Grounded in Proven Systems
  •  We have the technology, systems and know-how to perform loan-level due diligence on asset portfolios of all sizes.
  • We can conform to our sellers’ loan sale process, but generally give an indicative bid followed by due diligence, a final bid with a jointly approved Loan Sale Agreement, then funding and collateral and servicing transfer.
  • We protect our sellers and our borrowers with a compliant end-to-end acquisition process starting with data encryption of sensitive incoming files through to boarding with a licensed servicer upon purchase. 

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